A Place to Start


Having a schedule helps! Everyone will implement this differently, but having some semblance of structure set up is incredibly helpful. Here’s the schedule we have in place. You can get a copy for free here and edit it to fit your own needs.

The first day we implemented this schedule, I quickly realized I needed to literally cut the “time” section to the left of the activities off because it was stressing me out too much! With the exception of a few activities that are dependent on a specific time, I feel free to loosen up and go with the flow. For the most part we do stick to the rough times set out in the schedule, but I don’t stress too much if we don’t. And if it’s a nice day, I give myself the freedom to scrap the plan and spend the day outside.


We have LOVED starting our mornings off with art! We live in a small house, so putting together a simple Art Cart which holds all of our materials (crayons, pencils, markers, paper, paints, stamps, loose materials etc.) has been useful. I keep it in our office area and wheel it out every morning. Every day we try to use a different medium to create a piece of art. Sometimes this involves learning to draw something specific; other times it’s just free-form art that we create and send to someone we love. Following is the prompt we used today.

Outdoor Time

I realize outdoor time is dependent on weather, but as much as possible, this is a game changer! There’s just something about getting out that changes everyone’s attitudes and perspective (including mine!) Following is an example of how we incorporated some simple learning into our morning nature walk a few days ago:

Math Stories

I love using math stories to incorporate learning in a way that is accessible for both my kids (ages 2 and 6). Math stories also provide an opportunity to help my son retain the math foundation he already has while simultaneously building on concepts and extending his learning. Following is a math story we have really enjoyed. More to come!

I am in the process of creating opportunities for extended learning and will be adding more on a regular basis. You can access them at my TeachersPayTeachers store.

Word of the Day

For Kindergarten students who are learning to read, it’s important to review the sight words they have already learned and build on this as well! N and I have had tons of fun creating silly rhymes and songs to this end. Here is a recent example. (I may regret posting this at some point – please don’t hold it against me!)

I’ve also created a “Word of the Day” sheet to help with this process. Some days we will focus on sight words; other days we will focus on word families. When we read stories together, I have found it helpful to have him read the words he knows so that he is being exposed to these words in context.

What about you? What has been working for you and your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below. Also, please feel free to share this site with anyone who might benefit or want to be involved in creating content.

Finally, sign up if you would like to receive an email when new content is uploaded. Enjoy!

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