Soft Launch

Hi, friends and family!

Well, here it is: my “Homeschooling When School’s Out” site launch. During this insular time of “staying at home”, I’ve needed something bigger than myself into which I can pour some time and energy. Perhaps you know the feeling?

This site is a place where I will be sharing what we are doing for our little “homeschool”. I will say, homeschooling was never part of my plan. I never thought I would do this, despite my background as a teacher and a homeschooled kid myself. The truth is, N has a hard time receiving academic instruction from me and I always thought we both benefited from some time apart when he was at school. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? But here we are, in this uncharted territory, with no option except for me to homeschool him. And you know what? I’m finding all sorts of gifts in this forced homeschool experience!

So, I wanted to share some of this good stuff with you. I also want to invite you to partner with me! If you’re a parent or teacher, please consider this your invitation to share a recording of something you’re doing with your own kids that you think might serve as a good prompt for others.

I’ll be adding new prompts every day. I’ll also be linking to resources for continued learning at home. I hope this is helpful to you! Please feel free to share this site with any other parents you know with kids in the pre-school/pre-K/K academic range. If nothing else, I hope this site will serve as a record of the fun and learning that took place during COVID-19.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful perspective that a friend shared with me:

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