Onward and Upward

Today we built on some of the concepts introduced yesterday. For Math, we played a rousing game of War with a regular deck of cards (omitted the face cards). This was a fun way to reinforce the concepts (greater than, less than and equality) introduced in the Math story Equal Shmequal

Additionally, I created these activities to go along with the book or use as a stand alone math activity. I recommend printing them and laminating or putting in pocket protectors and having kids use dry erase markers. This way they can use the sheets over and over with different numbers!

This morning my friend, Mary, who runs Injoy Yoga & Wellness shared this awesome article titled “I Don’t Play With My Kids. Here’s Why.” The author provides such great perspective on kids and play. Here’s an excerpt: 

There are some things I know I cannot do with joy. I will decline to participate without guilt. Pretending we are cats? Nope. Driving toy cars or trains around. Can’t do it. An elaborate mommy and baby scenario? Bored to tears.

Instead, I try to fill our time together with things I enjoy that are also kid-friendly.

Nina, Raising Wildflower Kids

So today I did some fun stuff with my kids that I, too, enjoyed: Sidewalk chalk, a walk, eating a snack in the teepee, examining the plants we are rooting, painting… And I didn’t feel guilty about the requests I declined. Running around with a kite? Nope. That’s all you, buddy. Pushing my girl long distances in her pretend car? Sorry Love, mama isn’t able to handle that. You can practice using your own muscles. 

And you know what? I am so impressed with some of the stuff my kids choose to do of their own accord when I step back. Today that involved playing in mud, kite flying and taking care of “baby“, among other things. None of this was part of my plan, but I’m learning (albeit slowly) that sometimes it really is as simple as loosening my grip and embracing childlike wonder.

May we find beauty in simplicity, truly one of the gifts of this time in containment.

May we know when to say “no” and when to say “yes”.

May we stay present and bring our whole selves to the table each day – the parts of which we are proud as well as the shadow side of our person.

May we extend grace to our partners, grace to our kids and grace to ourselves as we walk through this season of uncertainty, one day at a time.

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