Love Pandemic

This morning I came across this article in the Washington Post about how Coronavirus is impacting the homeless community and shelters are trying to cope.

This hits close to home for me, as I have family and friends who work at the Boston Rescue Mission.

Later this afternoon, I was thinking about pandemics – the Coronavirus pandemic and the fear pandemic that has gripped us as well. It occurred to me that the only force strong enough to fight fear is love. And as I considered how we might be able to respond to the needs of the homeless community during this time, given the house-bound limitations we are experiencing, I thought about my kids and our morning art sessions. We’ve been creating cards and drawings for friends and family and sending them via old fashioned snail mail to share our love from afar. But what about those without homes who may feel forgotten in this challenging time? What if there was a tangible way to share our art love with them?

This evening I made two phone calls: one to my friend Nike and one to my dad, both of whom are serving the homeless at the Boston Rescue Mission in this time of great need. I ran my tiny seed of an idea past them:

What if my kids were to create art and write encouraging messages for those who come to the shelter every night?

What if other kids wanted to get involved?

Could I collect notes, letters and drawings from a bunch of kids, then hand them off to you guys and have your team pass them out to the homeless who come to the shelter every night?

They both thought this was a great idea and that it would be a huge encouragement to the people they serve. So I just bought a PO box and I’m inviting you to join me in what I’m calling “The Love Pandemic Project”. The invitation is simple:

  • Kids (of any age!) can create a drawing or a painting and write an encouraging message to someone without a home (i.e. We are praying for you; We are sending good thoughts your way; You are loved; You are not forgotten etc.)
  • Mail to: The Love Pandemic Project, P.O. Box 9, Wilmington, MA 01887
  • Share this invitation with anyone who might want to take part!

Thanks in advance for considering being involved in this tangible way!

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Hi! I’m Jen. I’m a mom, teacher and nutrition enthusiast, ever seeking out ways to help my family eat healthy on a budget.

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