Check out what other kids are doing at home!

It has been so cool to hear from some of you about what’s working in your own families during this time of quarantine. Following are some cool examples. May the serve as inspiration. I just love this comic book tutorial from Sarah in Stoneham, MA: Anabelle, from Cambridge, MA, is working on her numbers MontessoriContinue reading “Check out what other kids are doing at home!”

Opting-Out and Opting-In

When I heard the rumblings from other parents across the U.S. about how challenging online learning has been for them and their kids, I decided to give myself a “pass”. I’m super grateful for what our teachers/schools are trying to do, but I just knew it wasn’t going to work for my kids. Here’s theContinue reading “Opting-Out and Opting-In”

Animals On Board

While you may think this title is a reference to the craziness in our household (and you would not be mistaken), I’m actually referring to one of our recent Math reads. I love books that introduce mathematical concepts in engaging ways for several reasons: An integrated approach to curriculum and education is pure genius. AnyContinue reading “Animals On Board”

Love Pandemic Project Update

Thank you so much to all who have jumped on board with this project. It has been so fun to see “art love” start to come in. I can’t wait to drop off our first batch to the Boston Rescue Mission. Here’s a short clip showing some of the artwork we have already received. Let’sContinue reading “Love Pandemic Project Update”

Top 10 Free Educational Resources

While it is wonderful to see such an outpouring of free online educational resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can also be overwhelming! A friend recently expressed: I can’t handle one more homeschooling resource. Parents are getting inundated with ideas from schools and other parents. I’m on total overload.   Perhaps you can relate? IContinue reading “Top 10 Free Educational Resources”

Love Pandemic

This morning I came across this article in the Washington Post about how Coronavirus is impacting the homeless community and shelters are trying to cope. This hits close to home for me, as I have family and friends who work at the Boston Rescue Mission. Later this afternoon, I was thinking about pandemics – theContinue reading “Love Pandemic”

Onward and Upward

Today we built on some of the concepts introduced yesterday. For Math, we played a rousing game of War with a regular deck of cards (omitted the face cards). This was a fun way to reinforce the concepts (greater than, less than and equality) introduced in the Math story Equal Shmequal.  Additionally, I created theseContinue reading “Onward and Upward”

A Place to Start

Schedule Having a schedule helps! Everyone will implement this differently, but having some semblance of structure set up is incredibly helpful. Here’s the schedule we have in place. You can get a copy for free here and edit it to fit your own needs. The first day we implemented this schedule, I quickly realized IContinue reading “A Place to Start”